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I'll Drink Over

Lyrics Traduction

I'll Drink Over.
Tonight I will drink beer and smoke cigarettes.
I always spoke to the wall but they say never.
The area is always less good breathed here.
The brothel and space is becoming increasingly limited.
If I had known all this shit when I was alone before.
I am tired and yet I look at my bed.
I can not go to bed me right away.
I am having beers and cigarettes, and why should I go where I am alone with my head.
I still talk to the walls but they don't give me answer.
This loneliness haunts me, but I have experienced before.
But I have to live it through an another time.
And it's so hard to be there without doing anything.
But if the foul was of someone else.
Will I have to suffer the same fate.
Yet as I live.
And yet nothing happens.
This cigarette burns, and I still see no flame.
Still the times burns and I still see the same.
So I have to take this shit again.
I've build it with my hands.
So maybe you could help me.
Or maybe you should to leave me.
So now I become someone else.
Maybe no one seem to want to know.
Perhaps that I don't cares anyway.